Ages 5+

Fit Games

Fit Games is one hour of non-stop, intensive strength, and conditioning for children ages 6+. By using games, obstacles, and challenges, our motivational staff turns working out into fast-paced fun!

Rules & Policies

Who should join the Fit Games program?

  • Sports team members, looking for that “extra edge” over their competitors
  • Any child needing a better grasp on body awareness, balance and stability
  • Those that need to increase speed and reaction time
  • Children in need of an energy outlet with a purpose
  • A child that may be bored and needs a physical challenge
  • A child that needs help building self-confidence or discovering their physical capabilities

Why should my child participate in Fit Games?

You will observe an increase in your child’s strength, speed, agility, confidence and willingness to try. These are all areas that will help your child to progress in gymnastics as well as any other physical activity!

Available Classes

  • 11 weeks
  • 1 hour/week
  • $160
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