Homeschool Classes

BC Gymnastics offers homeschool classes in Gymnastics, Karate, Ninja and General Phys Ed (Fit Games) for K-12th grade with an optional credit for K- 9th grade in Health included in the price of the class.  We also offer a siblings gymnastics class (Tots walking to age 4) for your tiny students.   We have a thriving home school community and make use of our studio space to also offer classes in Spanish and Art.  All classes are offered during the day on Mondays and Thursdays. 

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*Pricing based on number of siblings and classes. Classes are billed monthly (the $0 tuition shown is a place holder). Please see the pricing link above or contact us for your monthly tuition.

When you register for classes, you will receive an email with your class schedule and price of your classes.  Your account will be billed, and payment should be received within 48 hours to remain registered with us.

CURRENTLY, ONLlNE REGISTRATION IS ONLY FOR FALL 23/SPRING 24 – if you would like to join our classes in MAY 23, please call the office, 410-335-4646, during business hours.

Rules & Policies

Class Information


Our gymnastics classes are for male and female students aged K – 12. Every student is coached at their level and can progress from basic abilities to more advanced skills at their own pace. Our classes encompass all gymnastics disciplines; floor, bars, beam, parallel bars, pommel horse, basic vault, rings, and beam. Gymnastics is a sport that develops the whole body in strength, coordination, flexibility, mobility, and pediatric studies show it even improves cognitive function. 

Toddler Gymnastics

For your toddlers age walking to 4 with parent participation. The class will work on building confidence, strength, balance, coordination, and both large and fine motor skills through basic gymnastic movements, games, and activities.

Ninja 1 & 2

Ninja classes teach sports skills and life skills in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Classes will practice ninja training on vault, bars, wall, and floor and will include balance, coordination, strength, social skills and sportsmanship. New students register for Ninja 1.  Ninja 2 requires passing the Ninja 1 test.

Fit Games

Offer a fun environment to gently build strength, learn balance, coordination, problem solving, and a love of movement. Classes include a ninja warrior course, games, and physical activities geared toward cardio, strength, and overall physical fitness.


Shotokan is karate for self defense that teaches danger avoidance and awareness skills. There are no hard contact practice and no competitions as Shotokan is about effective defense, not performing. Students will learn respect and self discipline, as well as basic Japanese language (speech and understanding) including counting and basic movement directions in Japanese and English.

Health for Grades K – 9th

Our Gymnastic and Fit Games classes offer an optional written and verbal Health lesson with every class. Course materials are emailed to parents every Sunday for the upcoming class that week. During warm-up, our instructors go over the significant points of the Health lesson and answer questions.

Looking for a Health course for credit? Our 36 weeks of health lessons will cover: 

  • basic nutrition
  • pre and post-exercise care
  • basic biology
  • fundamentals of anatomy
  • fitness first aid and common injuries
  • exercise-related to hormones and mood
  • basics on how age enhances and decreases aspects of physical performance


Exploration of line, shape, color, and form in fun projects. The class includes art history and appreciation as well as practical instruction.

Spanish 1 & 2

Beginner Spanish will introduce your students to a foreign language.  The class will include instruction in Spanish conversation, reading, and writing in situations relative to children. Material is presented using worksheets, activity pages, games, and interactive activities. If you have completed Spanish 1, then your journey can continue in Spanish 2.

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