Competitive Team Gymnastics

Our Team Mission

To help young athletes become responsible for being the best gymnasts that they can be while developing respect for their bodies and minds.

Competitive Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics, in its most basic form, is a sport that can be beneficial to, and universally enjoyed by boys and girls of various ages and ability levels. However, when a gymnast is chosen for and agrees to participate in competitive gymnastics, the physical, mental, and emotional demands of the sport become very different. 

Participation Philosophy

BC Gymnastics believes that while competitive gymnastics should be fun and enjoyable, it is not “just for fun.” Competitive gymnastics demands hard work and dedication. Our coaching staff will provide well-planned workouts designed for gradual progress throughout the season, appropriate motivation, and a creative learning environment. Our staff will help lead each gymnast to make good training and problem-solving decisions. HOWEVER, it is the gymnast’s responsibility to make the most out of these opportunities, follow the training advice, and work up to her potential.


We believe that practicing is different from “participating in a class.” By its’ nature, the word practice evokes the concept of striving for improvement and, ultimately, for perfection. Therefore, practices are mandatory, and we expect effort and improvement.


We believe that the sport of gymnastics demands tremendous self-discipline and value for oneself, one’s coaches, and other athletes, both on one’s team and other teams. We will strive to help all gymnasts develop sportsmanship skills, respect for one another, and to develop self-discipline. 

Strength and Flexibility

We believe that it is essential that gymnasts be strong and flexible. To that end, a large portion of practice time will be devoted to the development of the two. Minimum expectations for strength and flexibility will be required and tested.

Qualities of a Successful Gymnast

  1. Sets realistic goals and making progress over time is important. 
  2. Bounces back and is resilient.  
  3. Can stay focused on what she can control.
  4. Stays focused – able to be still, stay on task, interpret instructions, and complete assignments.
  5. Overcomes challenges by learning to be a good problem solver. 

Team Evaluations

Evaluations for the team are by appointment only. Please contact the gym office for more information.


Upcoming Meets

Past Meet Results

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2024 Level 3/4/5 Maryland State Championships

2020 Valentine Invitational

2019 Level 4 State Championships

2019 Valentine Invitational

2018 Level 3 State Championships

2018 Valentine Invitational