Covid-19 Standards and Procedures

Covid-19 Standards and Procedures

Covid-19 Standards and Procedures

These are the standards and procedures we will be using going forward.  We want to remain a viable part of your fitness routine, so we ask that you coordinate efforts with us to assist in keeping a healthy atmosphere in our gym.

What you can expect

  • The gym will be cleaned and disinfected regularly
  • Our staff will adhere to a 24-hour wellness standard using state protocols
  • Our coaches are ready to lead a challenging and interesting workout keeping spacing standards and safety as a priority
  • We will keep spotting to a minimum but reserve the right to spot a student when their safety is in question

What we expect from you

  • Regular handwashing/sanitizing before class
  • Adhere to a 24-hour wellness standard before coming to class using state protocols. Do not come to the gym if you or anyone in your household is sick
  • Supervise your children in the lobby and bathroom to maintain the 6-foot rule
  • Bring the minimum of people with you when you attend class
  • Send your child to class with wipes and hand sanitizer if you would like your child to disinfect between turns
  • Bring a water bottle to class—our water fountains will be “closed”


  • Use hand sanitizer as you enter and exit the gym space.
  • Enter the gym through our lobby doors only when you see the “green light” signal
  • Use spacing guidelines we have mapped out in the gym for entering/exiting the gym, lobby and use of the bathrooms—6-foot rule
  • Space in the lobby will be first come, first served. Please consider rotating out of the lobby to give all parents the opportunity to watch workouts.
  • If your child is having trouble following the current rules for safe distancing, your participation during class may become necessary.
  • Entrance(s) & Exit(s)-please keep clear at all times. These are not observation spaces.
  • Drop off and pick children up in designated areas at designated times

For Competitive teams—All of the above as well as

  • Curbside drop off to enter the gym through the “bar” doors—we will provide staff supervision
  • Coaches will manage bathroom breaks
  • Chalk will no longer be shared in the community chalk bucket. A block of chalk will be distributed for individual use to each competitive team gymnast. Additional blocks of chalk will be available for purchase at $2/block when replenishment is needed.  Only chalk purchased through BCG may be used.  Chalk will need to be contained in a reclosable plastic bag or container.
  • Pick up will be curbside from the lobby side of the gym for all workouts
  • The ability to have parents watch team practices from the lobby will be limited to available space. Please consider rotating out of the lobby to give all parents the opportunity to watch workouts.
  • Since parents will not have regular lobby access, expect communication with coaches to take place by phone/text/email/written note before or after workouts