Let’s stay in the loop together!

Let’s stay in the loop together!

Here’s the latest information that’s been sent out; all in one place for your convenience!


Spring Students!

Thank you VERY much for enrolling in our spring 2020 session. As we move through the next couple of weeks, we hope to have a better grasp on when we will be able to open our doors to you and your children. We want you to know that we will honor all paid enrollments. Whether it makes more sense for your family to begin when we open or if it works for you to begin fall of 2020 and even beyond. 

 Please note that unpaid accounts cannot hold enrollments. If you would like to keep a spot in our program, please check your account here: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/jr3.0/ParentPortal/Login?orgID=535607  to make certain that you have paid for your future class. You may check payment history in your account’s “Dashboard” feature. 

 Thank you so very much for your patience while we work through this “different” type of registration. If you have questions about enrollment or anything gymnastics, please feel free to reach out to us. We are very responsive and will help in any way that we can!

 Thank you for your support, stay well and, we hope to see you all very soon!

Bc Gymnastics


Winter Students!

We simply wanted to touch base with all of our favorite people. Thank you very much for your support and we would like to reassure everyone that we will be flexible with any make ups due to Covid-19. When we know that we can resume classes, you will all receive notice of the new date for the last class celebration. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions. We are quick to respond.

Stay healthy and fit with our videos on fb https://www.facebook.com/bcgymnastics/. Keep up to date with information on our website news feed:https://www.bcgymnastics.com/news-updates/

See you at the gym!


All BC Families!!

Happy Monday! We are looking forward to seeing you and we are thinking about what things will look like when we re-open. We are planning and creating new ways to workout within any future limitations or policies set forth by our government. This is opening up discussions with our staff and we are collaborating on fun and unique class structures that will continue to provide quality gymnastics and fitness instruction. We are flexible by nature, so we are using this time to explore new paths while maintaining our quality as the main goal. Please continue to reach out to us. We very much enjoy hearing and seeing how all of our BC Family is spending their time.

Be on the lookout for upcoming BC Gym opportunities and thank you for supporting your local businesses!

See you at the gym!